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"Turn Locks"

Item#: IM-TL (see below for options)

Description: Reusable Syringe locking device. Used primarily when partial draw back is desired. Easy to use: simply slide the turn lock over the syringe flanges, retract the plunger to the desired position and twist the plunger into the locked position. Allows for constant suction to be maintained throughout the aspiration process. Available in 2 sizes:

Item # Description

IM-TL-60CC-MJ “Turn-Lock” for 60cc syringes, fits Monject syringes

IM-TL-35CC-MJ “Turn-Lock” for 35cc syringes, fits Monject syringes

IM-TL-30CC-BD “Turn-Lock” for 30cc syringes, fits BD syringes

IM-TL-20CC-BD “Turn-Lock” for 35cc syringes, fits BD syringes

IM-TL-10CC-BD “Turn-Lock” for 10cc syringes, fits BD syringes

"Turn Locks"

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