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MultiWave LED Systems

Achieve 5 wavelengths with a single component! No need to change parts!


KMI IMI GROUP’s Multi Wave LED Light Therapy systems consist of multiple programs, all working on the basic principle of healing damaged cells, making them healthy again. The system’s proprietary programming consists of a variety of therapies, each about 15 to 20 minutes in duration, combining visible light with infrared light and pulsing to optimize the desired benefit. Each Multi Wave system includes up to 22 pre-programmed therapies such as Facial Rejuvenation, Skin Tone/Discoloration, Scars/Stretch Marks, Blemishes, just to name a few. For product specifications, program information and more, please visit us on the web at Custom programming available upon request.  



MultiWave LED Systems: 

*Click on the product(s) below for more information including product specifications, part numbers and additional details. 

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