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Give your clients exactly what they're looking for...softer, smoother, more vibrant looking skin while minimizing the appearance of wrinkles, acne, sun damage, and scaring with any one of the microdermabrasion systems from the KMI IMI GROUP.



The KMI IMI GROUP offers a variety of microdermabrasion systems to meet your needs, so whether you're looking for thepower and strength of the Setareh 2150 MD or the portability and convenience of the Portapeel 1050 or something inbetween, we are confident that you will find it here at the KMI IMI GROUP.


We have affordable yet powerful systems designed for new skin care professionals, higher endprofessional models and of course medical grade units available as well.


Each microdermabrasion systems includes our marketing support package to help you advertise microdermabrasion in your business. With the purchase of any one of our microdermabrasion systems you will receive a starter marketing packet containing brochures, postcards, fliers, and certificates allowing you to advertise microdermabrasion treatments to your clients.


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