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2000 mL Collection

  • Easy to collect &  re-inject

  • Simple collection of harvested tissue

  • Can be used "in-line" with the aspirator

  • Free Standing or can be mounted to pole, or slide to your holder. (Optional)

  • Disposable tubing with larger diameter also available

  • Fully disposable & onetime use

  • Pre-Sterile

Completely Contained Closed Loop

DISPOSABLE A.T.T.S. Products: 

Item #                                        Description                                                                                                                                 

IM-ATTS-C2-BD                     A.T.T.S. Disposable Canister, tubing, pinch clamp *sterile


IM-ATTS-C2LD-D                  A.T.T.S. Disposable lid *sterile




IM-ATTS-BL                            A.T.T.S. Barbed Luer

IM-ATTS-LTL                          A.T.T.S. Luer Transfer

IM-ATTS-FLC                         A.T.T.S. Female Cap

IM-ATTS-12ST-187                A.T.T.S. 12” Silicone tubing .187 Dia. (non-sterile)

IM-ATTS-MLC                        A.T.T.S. Male Luer Cap

IM-ATTS-PMS                        A.T.T.S. Pole Mount System

IM-ATTS-BAS                         A.T.T.S. Base Assembly

IM-ATTS-TSB                         A.T.T.S. Toomey Syringe to barb hub

IM-ATTS-BRU                       A.T.T.S. Cleaning Brush for Base & Lid

IM-ATTS-TC                           A.T.T.S. Tubing Pinch Clamp (non-sterile) 

IM-ATTS-YC                           A.T.T.S. Y-Connector - Stainless Steel

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