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Oxygen Treatment

Breathe new life into dull skin!

Why OxySpritz...

We come in contact with so many harmful elements on a daily basis; sun exposure, air travel, dust, and environmental pollutants, chemical pollutants, alcohol, smoke and so much more. All these harmful elements can compromise the oxygen to the skin; often resulting in premature aging, unsightly blemishes, and unhealthy, dull-looking skin. By infusing oxygen, we can help to refresh, re-hydrate and maintain that healthy glow and youthful-looking skin we all desire. 


How it works...

The OxySpritz oxygen treatment combines the cooling and hydrating effects of oxygen with enriching serums and vitamins, resulting in a healthy glow and soft, plumped, more youthful-looking skin. The air we breathe is a mixture of oxygen, nitrogen, and other gases, the OxySpritz system extracts the oxygen from the air, filtering out the added gases, particles, and air pollutants. Using the exclusive OxySpritz handpiece, the filtered oxygen is sprayed over the skin for a hydrating and revitalizing experience. A reservoir built into the handpiece allows you to take treatment a step further by enhancing your client’s treatment with vitamin enriched, moisturizing, and anti-aging serums and solutions. 


Offering it to your clients…

The rejuvenating and hydrating effects of Oxygen treatment, make it an excellent addition to any treatment menu. Offer Oxygen treatment as a sole treatment or combine it with other skin rejuvenation therapies (ie: microdermabrasion and light therapy) to enhance and enrich your client’s results. 


Incorporating it into your practice...

Oxygen treatment is one of the newest non-invasive skin care therapies available and is gaining more popularity as it becomes more known and more accessible. An effective and beneficial procedure with no pain, no side effects, and no downtime is a great treatment to start offering your clients. Adding the OxySpritz system could be a great investment with substantial financial returns. Find out how you can incorporate the OxySpritz system into your spa or salon and start offering your clients the benefits of an OxySpritz Oxygen treatment 

Oxygen treatment Products: 

*Click on the product(s) below for more information including product specifications, part numbers and additional details. 

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