Carbo CO2 Regulator

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  • Carbon Dioxide  in the Treatment of Localized Adiposities


  • Carbon Dioxide Bath

*Carbossi USA identifies these products as general use, medical gas delivery systems and cannot give particular indication for the use of these products. Caboxy Therapy devices made in Italy.

PLEASE NOTE: Carbossi USA identifies this product as a general use, medical gas delivery system and cannot give particular indication for the use of this product. Specific uses of this device for particular indication are ultimately the responsibility of the physician, but note that the sale and use of this product is limited to, and on the order of, a physician. Carbossi USA has relayed studies and uses of this product for particular indications as presented by university studies, and/or practicing physicians, that presented "Carbossi " at national and international aesthetic conferences. Carbossi USA, in connection with Carbossi Italy does hereby divulge that over 20,000 applications of this device for numerous indications (indications not specifically endorsed by the companies), have had a zero mortality rate and a zero adverse/complication rate.

The Carbomed Unit is approved as a CE marked (European community approved) medical device for the treatment of circulatory/vascular pathologies, including the treatment of diabetic ulcers, vascular ulcers, reducing cellulite, aesthetic body contouring and treating burns.