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Expect to see results ... 


The Infinity Teeth Whitening System uses cutting edge LED technology with an exclusively formulated whitening gel for dramatic results fast.The specially formulated whitening gel contains a proprietary catalyst which is activated with LED lights and starts whitening teeth at an accelerated rate with optimal results.


The Infinity treatment plan consists of up to three consecutive 

7 to 12 minute treatments, depending on desired results. 

Results do vary from person to person. 


The Infinity Teeth Whitening System is light weight, effective, inexpensive and easy to use...making it the perfect addition to the services offered by your practice! 

The Infininty Pro treatment was first introduced to the media by Dr. Forouzanpour, visit him on the web at for testimonials, media coverage, before and after photos and more. With proven results, the Infinity Pro is quickly gaining widespread popularity. Start offering your clients the benefits of a brighter smile today! 

Teeth Whitening Products: 

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