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Product Design


Our 10,000 sq foot manufacturing facility houses the latest CNC and milling machines to ensure highest level of product quality. We utilize the lastest techniques for producing precision parts and assemblies.

Plasto Tech offers the following array of manufacturing services. 


  • CNC Machining

  • Milling

  • Fixture

  • Fabrication Routing


While our integrated fabcication capabilities help lower costs while maintaining level of quality and service, well - managed project and adherence to quality standards guarantee extraordinary results. For certain projects, our project management teams can arrange for JIT delivery to accommodate your needs.


Plastic & Metal Fabrication:

Safety Shields, Trays, Wear Strips, Rollers, Spacers, Mounting Plates, Pin Boards, Fixtures, Hoods Chambers, Tooling Blanks, Bushings, Washers, Covers, Insulators, Medical components.

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