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FLEX Micro Cannula

KMI IMI Group’s High-Quality FLEX Micro Blunt Needle Cannula, Blunt Tip Cannula Needle For Filler Hyaluronic


These Flex Micro Cannula features:


  ■   Sterilized 


  ■    Individually packaged


  ■   High-Quality Stainless Steel


  ■   Precise Injection


  ■   Pre-hole Sharp Needle


Crafted to offer a convenient and effective solution

Flex Micro Zoom-5.jpg

High-quality needles for reliable use. 

Choose the size that fits your needs best


Available sizes:

  • 18G x 70mm

  • 27G x 38mm

  • 25G x 38mm

  • 22G x 50mm

  • 25G x 50mm

Flex Micro Zoom.jpg
Flex Micro Zoom-3.jpg
Flex Micro Zoom-2.jpg
Flex Micro Zoom-4.jpg
Flex Micro Zoom-6.jpg

Flex Micro Cannula Products

*Click on the product(s) below for more information including product specifications, part numbers and additional details. 


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