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Comfy-Therm Thermal Therapy Wrap

These wraps are designed to help relieve the pain and swelling in and around the jaw. Ideal for wisdom teeth and molar extractions, root
canals, TMJ pain, Orthognathic Surgery (Jaw Surgery), reconstructive jaw surgery, implant surgery, maxillary and mandibular trauma, geniosplasty as well as after cosmetic procedures. Provide a positive post-op experience for your patients! The lightweight Comfa-Therm system
reduces post-op swelling and discomfort, provides adequate compression, and protects skin from direct contact with the gel pack. Furthermore, the unique, hands-free design, with open ear access, greatly increases patient compliance by offering a more convenient alternative to other cold therapy applications.

Item#: IM-CT-001

Color: Blue/Black

one size

Comfa-Therm Thermal Therapy Wrap

  • Size:

    Item #: IM-K1084-S : Small: 30-45 in (76-114 cm)

    Item #: IM-K1084-L : Large: 46-62 in (115-157 cm)

    Item #: IM-K1084-XL : X-Large: 62-75 in (157-190 cm)

    Item #: IM-K1084-XXL : XX-Large: 75-90 in (190-228 cm)
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