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Arm Compression Garment

Excellent for brachioplasty type surgeries. Constructed of premium grade “Soft-Flex” spandex with soft suede-like inside, provides excellent compression and increased patient comfort. Unique adjustable design allows the doctor to adjust the level of compression on the upper arm area. The front of the garment has two adjustable contact closure straps for easy application, leaves breast exposed. Form fitting design can be worn under clothing. Latex free. Patent Pending

-> For sizing: Measure distance between shoulder to shoulder on back and the circumference of the bicep

Color: White

Arm Compression Garment

  • Item#:

    IM-K2081-S : Small: 10-12 in shoulder, 9-10 in bicep

    IM-K2081-M : Medium: 12-14 in shoulder, 10-11 in bicep

    IM-K2081-L : Large: 14-16 in shoulder, 11-12 in bicep

    IM-K2081-XL : X-Large: 16-18 in shoulder, 12-13 in bicep

    IM-K2081-XXL : XX-Large: 18-20 in shoulder, 13-14 in bicep

    XXX-Large: 20-22 in shoulder, 14-15 in bicep
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