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Mangubat Fast Lipo Cannula

The Mangubat Fast-Lipo Cannula™ makes liposuction faster, smoother, safer and more efficient.  It eases the learning curve for beginners and cuts operative times greatly for the experienced liposuction surgeon.   Dr. Mangubat’s special cannula design makes difficult areas much easier to treat like gynecomastia, liposuction revisions, upper back and epigastric liposuction areas. 



Introduced in 2005 by Dr. Mangubat, the fat disruption concept has been proven to work for so many surgeons worldwide.  Look at what some users are saying:


• “Learning how to use the Mangubat Fast-Lipo Cannula was worth every minute of a twenty plus hour flight.”

- H.C., South Africa


• “Cuts down my procedure time by about 40% and I get smoother results.”

- J.H., Dana Point, California

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Mangubat Fast Breast Dissector

Enhance breast surgery with the Fast Breast Dissector. The Fast Breast Dissector was designed to allow for easy breast pocket dissection and irrigation simultaneously with an implant in place. This new instrument provices many capabilities that are not available with current instruments on the market; 

1. The Fast Breast Dissector is a blunt dissecting instrument that can be placed into the wound with the mammary prosthesis in place to more precisely tailor the pocket size to the prosthesis.

2. The Fast Breast Dissector has a circumferential groove at the tip that allows a “catch point” for tissue during dissection. This small notch pemits greater dissection efficacy without causing harm to the mammary prosthesis.

3. The Fast Breast Dissector is hollow and allows:

a. Introduction of irrigation solution deep into the dissected pocket with the mammary prosthesis in place and with minimal danger of damaging the prosthesis.

b. Suction of fluids deep within the dissected pocket with the mammary prosthesis in place and with minimal danger of damaging the prosthesis.


Dr. Mangubat offers intense hands-on live surgery courses regularly, 

for more information on these courses visit  

When you complete one of his workshops, you will possess new and exciting skills that will enhance your practice.  


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