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Mangubat Fast Lipo Cannula

The Mangubat Fast-Lipo Cannula™ makes liposuction faster, smoother, safer and more efficient.  It eases the learning curve for beginners and cuts operative times greatly for the experienced liposuction surgeon.   Dr. Mangubat’s special cannula design makes difficult areas much easier to treat like gynecomastia, liposuction revisions, upper back and epigastric liposuction areas. 



Introduced in 2005 by Dr. Mangubat, the fat disruption concept has been proven to work for so many surgeons worldwide.  Look at what some users are saying:


• “Learning how to use the Mangubat Fast-Lipo Cannula was worth every minute of a twenty plus hour flight.”

- H.C., South Africa


• “Cuts down my procedure time by about 40% and I get smoother results.”

- J.H., Dana Point, California