Our Surgical Aspirators are among the most technologically advanced surgical suction devices available on the market today. Not only has our line of aspirators remained current with today’s engineering standards, they have had a complete aesthetic makeover. 

The Phantom aspirators have a fully controllable vacuum adjustment; allowing for a wide range of flow rates. The no tangle pneumatic foot switch allows for reliable remote operation each and every time. The canister mounting attachments have been lengthened, allowing you to set the height of your canister to just the right level for total aspirate viewing. IMI has also taken full advantage of today’s advancements in noise reduction techniques to offer you some of the quietest suction devices available. 

Powerful, Quiet, Reliable all in a convenient, portable, space saving package. 

The Phantom Surgical Aspirators are available in two sizes, the 2540 Series for low to mid-range suction power and the 2550 Series for high flow rates; as required for large volume aspiration procedures and/or high altitude locations. No matter what model you choose, you are sure to be pleased with the quality and performance of your system for years to come. 


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Phantom Aspiration models: 


IM-K2540-1                1/3 hp. 0-3.6 scfm / 0-27.5 in. hg. @ sea level, 115 VAC


IM-K2540-2                1/3 hp. 0-3.6 scfm / 0-27.5 in. hg. @ sea level, 230 VAC


IM-K2550-1                1/3 hp. 0-8.0 scfm / 0-29.8 in. hg. @ sea level, 115 VAC


IM-K2550-2                1/3 hp. 0-8.0 scfm / 0-29.8 in. hg. @ sea level, 230 VAC





IM-K2560-1                 2/3 hp. 0-12.0 scfm / 0-29.8 in. hg. @ sea level, 115 VAC


IM-K2560-2                 2/3 hp. 0-12.0 scfm / 0-29.8 in. hg. @ sea level, 230 VAC

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