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RECEPTAL® 1000ml Canister & Liners* 


IM-AC-5505   1000ml RECEPTAL® Canister,  each


IM-AC-5506 1000ml RECEPTAL® Liner with VAC-GARD® and Pour Spout,  10 per case

*IMI requests that users do not use incorrectly sized liners with canisters.


RECEPTAL® Canisters are re-usable. Made of polycarbonate material, RECEPTAL® Canisters are designed with durability and efficiency in mind. 

Features include: 

  • Easy to read volume marks
  • Large patient label strip for convenient documentation
  • Canister “T” designates vacuum source connection to simplify canister set up
  • Non-Sterile, Reusable
  • Latex-Free and DEHP Free


RECEPTAL® Liners are disposable. Permanently attached lids and a multifunctional lid tube help decrease the risk of fluid exposure and improve ease-of-use. The disposable liner sizes are to be used with the same size RECEPTAL® Reusable Canisters. The disposable liners with integrated VAC-GARD® filter shut-off valve support best practice by preventing back flow of aerosols and fluids into the vacuum system.

Features include:

  • 100% leak tested seamless liners minimize risk of contamination
  • Cost efficient integrated rotating lid tube promotes simple set-up
  • Multiple liner options to meet clinical and safety needs
  • Anti-foaming emulsion prevents froth formation and aerosolization, reducing the risk of contaminant exposure
  • VAC-GARD® shut off valve includes a 0.3 micron bacterial eliminating filter effective in removing 99.9% of pseudomonas
  • Liners are available with pre-gelled solidifiers for safer disposal 
  • Non-Sterile, Disposable
  • Latex Free and BPA Free

RECEPTAL® 1000ml Canister and Liners

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