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Portapeel 1050 Microdermabrasion system

- Lightweight and Compact

- Portable with carrying handle

- Remarkably quiet system

- Patented Crystal Supply and Waste Canisters

- Adjustable Crystal flow control

- Adjustable Vacuum control

- Ergonomically designed patented Handpieces

- Area specific patented Disposable Tips

- Low cost per treatment


Single Piston motor

1.50 CFM

1/16 hp high performance vacuum pump

Vacuum control from 5"hg to 28"hg @sea level

Dimensions: 12"L x 12"W x 10"H

Weight: approximately 14 lbs.

*LIFETIME WARRANTY* - Call for details 949-458-1897

Item#: IM-4150-G

Portapeel 1050 Microdermabrasion system

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