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High Waist Compression Garment Below Knee, contact closure with zipper 

Premium grade “Soft-Flex” spandex with soft suede-like inside, provides excellent compression and incresed patient comfort. Full length foam padding underneath a full length zipper and contact closure to provide smooth superior results. 3 inch plush lined elastic waist band eliminates need for suspenders. Reinforced open crotch for patient convenience. Double layered tummy area for added compression. Entire garment has no internal seams, is form fitting and can be worn under clothing. Latex free.

Description: Excellent for surgeries around the buttocks, flanks, thighs and lower abdomen as well as the knee area.

Item# for WHITE Garments

IM-K2070-S White, Size: Small
IM-K2070-M White, Size: Medium
IM-K2070-L White, Size: Large
IM-K2070-XL White, Size: X-Large
IM-K2070-XXL White, Size: XX-Large

Item# for BLACK Garments

IM-K2071-S Black, Size: Small
IM-K2071-M Black, Size: Medium
IM-K2071-L Black, Size: Large
IM-K2071-XL Black, Size: X-Large
IM-K2071-XXL Black, Size: XX-Large

High Waist Compression Garment Below Knee

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