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HEPA 0.3 Micron Aspiration Filter

Description: High flow filter. Media is 144 square inches of pleaded H.E.P.A. fiberglass material. Under use with high power aspirators, the media will not tear or obstruct. Housing is molded from an unbreakable polycarbonate material. At a DOP rating of 99.975%, the HEPA filter will filter up to 225 liters of air flow per minute

Item#: IM-HFIFD : H.E.P.A. Filter only, does not include connectors

Item#: IM-HFIFD-C : H.E.P.A. Filter with 2 connectors

Item# IM-HFIFD-H : Connectors Only (pack of 2) *Does not include H.E.P.A. Filter

HEPA 0.3 Micron Aspiration Filter

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