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Dr. Giorgio Fischer's Lipo Filling Instruments

These instruments were designed and are manufactured in cooperation with Dr. Giorgio Fischer. Each “lipo-filler”needle comes with a stainless steel, blue handle and thin wire rod for clearing possible needle obstructions. The entire line of instruments is autoclavable to include the blue polymer handle. The Dr. Fisher “Lipo-Filling” instruments are made of only the highest quality surgical stainless and undergo rigorous quality inspections prior to shipping. The Lipo Filling needles may be ordered individully or as a set. The needles are as follows:


IM-MIN2-GF-1615 16 ga x 15 cm curved lipo-filler needle
IM-MIN2-GF-1612 16 ga x 12 cm curved lipo-filler needle
IM-MIN2-GF-1610 16 ga x 10 cm straight lipo-filler needle
IM-MIN-GF-1410 14 ga x 10 cm straight hypo needle
IM-MIN-GF-3015 3 mm x 15 cm harvesting needle

Dr. Giorgio Fischer's Lipo Filling Instruments

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