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Maintain your smile with our specially formulated spray-on Infinity Mist; it provides full coverage for your teeth when and where you want it. Used in conjunction with the Infinity Whitening procedures, the Infinity Mist provides a remarkable way to maintain whitening results between whitening treatments. Our patented formulation contains a proprietary activator and stabilizer which when released, accelerates the whitening effects of Hydrogen Peroxide to help remove stains caused by tobacco, medications, foods & liquids that stain, etc.

Gingivitis is the number one concern in oral health. The Minty Fresh flavored Infinity Mist not only freshens breath but helps maintain oral health by killing the germs and oral bacteria that cause gingivitis and bad breath. Best of all, with Infinity Mist you whiten your teeth every time you spray!

Infinity Mist

  • Infinity maintenance spray in reusable silver spray bottle. Custom engraving available.
    Item#: IM-TW-MIST-AL

    Disposable Infinity maintenance spray
    Item#: IM-TW-MIST-D
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