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Compression Bra 

Premium “Soft-Flex” spandex with no internal seams. Fully adjustable shoulder straps help create soft and stable compression. Front hook and eye closure as well as shoulder straps can be unhooked for ease of appplication. Fits B-C-D cups. Latex free

Available in white and beige.


IM-K2009-32 White, Size: 32"
IM-K2009-34 White, Size: 34"
IM-K2009-36 White, Size: 36"
IM-K2009-38 White, Size: 38"
IM-K2009-40 White, Size: 40"
IM-K2009-42 White, Size: 42"
IM-K2009-44 White, Size: 44"

IM-K2010-32 Beige, Size: 32"
IM-K2010-34 Beige, Size: 34"
IM-K2010-36 Beige, Size: 36"
IM-K2010-38 Beige, Size: 38"
IM-K2010-40 Beige, Size: 40"
IM-K2010-42 Beige, Size: 42"
IM-K2010-44 Beige, Size: 44"

Compression Bra

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